Willie McFarland Racing

Willie McFarland Racing

A very small percentage of punters make a profit – fact. Most people lose gambling for many reasons, wrong or no strategy, not enough information, they haven’t worked hard enough on each bet, not enough knowledge about the subject, etcetera.


When you become a member I am simply sharing information and spreading my bets, you will be betting alongside me.


NO FREE TRIALS - I NEVER HAVE DONE (if you ask it shows that you are almost certainly someone who takes a short-term view and almost definitely someone who loses)

Numbers are limited (yes everyone says that but they are) the reason I limit the number of clients I am prepared to work with is simple, firstly I wish to have as little effect on the market as possible thus allowing each member a fair chance to achieve the best possible price on each horse (the market itself has been extremely sensitive for many years now and can’t see that side of things changing) secondly, I enjoy betting winners and making money I want to spend as little time as possible administrating.


How you find each bet is important. Technology has had a huge bearing on how we can analyse the outcome of a horserace. I have been doing this long enough to know what works for me. I use a combination of many different facets listed below are just some of the variants I will use to analyse a race. Knowledge, trainer form, course form, distance, ground, headgear, recent form, back form, systems, watching racing, discipline, data queries, stable information, stable change, information, notes, handicap ratings, speed ratings, sectional times, etcetera. So each bet has had a thorough examination.


Information is important but the relevance comes from knowing the strength or weakness of the opposition in the race. As with any information the more commonly known the advantage of that information diminishes.


Again of the highest importance if the horse hasn’t got the form to win unless it is unraced, lightly raced and open to improvement or returning from injury or for a new trainer, etcetera, then it probably can’t win.

Handicap ratings

I compile my own and have done since day one. These are exclusive to me and probably mean more to me than if anyone else used them.

Speed ratings

I don’t compile my own but have done at various times, again I do use on each race.

Knowing each horses true price/percentage chance of winning.

Types of bets you can expect.

I am a great believer in concentrating on limited number of subjects or types of bets. In racing I have proved I am continually playing with an edge which means that for the foreseeable future I will continue winning.

How do I access the information?

Each bet and detailed reasoning with prices available is accessed daily via 0844 number which will recognise your phone number during your membership. I will also send a text message with the bet or bets as a backup.



Over the years I have had some superb bets big priced winners, some major “touches” including festivals and horses that have proved huge over-prices on the day. All have been proofed in advance.